About us

In 2019, Spinthon Ltd. acquired the rights of the HTML5 games of the official developer Noble Gaming, thus GAINING access to over 150 titles from Noble’s rich game library. Expect the well-known quality with a NEW, even BETTER and more up-to-date LOOK.

With teams years of experience and dedication our clients can expect a well balanced combination providing the true pleasure of gambling.

We are not here to convince you that you will see something MAGICAL. We are here to offer you our vision of what GAMBLING should look like. Our focus remains constant towards moving the gaming EXPERIENCE to the next level.

12 Categories
In which you can find fruit games, avalanche reels, bonus games, free games, video pokers, roulette, sic-bo, keno, bingo, black jack, baccarat and more… To give the players opportunity to choose from their favourite type of games or to diversify and find their new passion.
150 Titles
Waiting for your choice from a rich gaming library. This kind of diversity will provide everything that the players need on your website or platform. That is to satisfy all your possible preferences and to put you on the profitable way.
10000 Lines of
Is the minimum we put in to ensure variety and make the gaming system strong and stable which is a prerequisite for a profitable partnership. In the future our team will continue to put maximum efforts through which ideas come to life and make all that you prefer - possible.


We are inspired by the satisfaction of our customers, their loyalty over the years, the experience we have with the terrestrial business and the timing of refining our products to make them more desirable, creating a true lasting bond between us and our partners and clients. 

We believe that the moving power is in the balance and this is how we maintain the interest of our actual source of inspiration – the real players.

The combination of all of the above reinforces our desire and vision to open up new horizons in the industry and introduce the highest quality products on the market.


The main goal is to provide our clients with a feeling of completeness and every game to be finished and refined to the very last detail - perfect graphics, great sound, intriguing math and logic, and last but not least - innovation.

Our aim is to develop the games to the point that only really important details remains in it, giving the player the best possible experience of a game. 

We believe that the game and the player are the two main units around which the business is built and that makes it go forward.


We at Spinthon, appreciate our customers and partners in the true sense of the word, and for that reason you will not see us in the annoying pop-up ads, nor will we flood your e-mail with information that we know you are not interested in - let's be honest!

We are simply here - providing you with the best we are capable of, and we let the results speak for themselves.

From us you can expect to stick to the correct commercial relationship by denying digital spam, because we believe that the right formula for the customers is 20% marketing and 80% product, not the other way around.