Coin Rain Jackpot Feature:
Coin Rain is a randomly triggered feature available during gameplay in any supporting game. Coin Rain is a four-level game feature, each illustrated by its name and color:
 MINI (purple) - 1st level,
 MINOR (blue) - 2nd level,
 MAJOR (green) - 3rd level,
 GRAND (red) - 4th and highest level.
Each Coin Rain level value is displayed in its corresponding box. Contributions to each level are calculated based on a percentage of the player's bet; no amount is deducted from the players in this feature.
TRIGGERING: The Coin Rain Jackpot feature can be randomly triggered during a single game spin. When the Coin Rain Jackpot is triggered, the player is automatically guaranteed one of the feature's levels. Coin Rain Jackpot is played on top of the base game and does not end the base game. Auto Start stops automatically when the Coin Rain Jackpot round is triggered. After it finishes, the game that was being played prior to the Coin Rain Jackpot feature being triggered resumes and continues. Coin Rain Jackpot is prioritized over win line combinations and scatters in the main game due to the nature of triggering the future. All win line combinations and scatters are awarded separately after the future finishes.
RULES AND CONTROLS: Once triggered, the player is transferred to the Coin Rain game feature where he can pick randomly coins that are falling from the top of the screen. The player selects coins on the screen until they reveal 3 matching color/level coins. The Coin Rain level awarded is the one that corresponds to the color/level that the player finish filling first by picking the coins.
The winning amount will correspond to the amount accumulated at the moment of revealing the last matching symbol. The player has a reasonable chance of winning the highest level of the feature with any qualifying bet every time they enter the Coin Rain Jackpot game feature. However, the higher the qualifying bet in the base game, the higher the chance to enter the game feature and win any one of the levels.

Qualifying bets: Min. Bet – Max. Bet.